Welcome to The H.A.I.R Foundation Website

We are working with our charity The H.A.I.R Foundation which is a nonprofit organisation and has been set up to contribute to disadvantaged women’s needs and to help by giving them free hairdressing.

We welcome suggestions for people who we may be able to help such as homeless shelters, homeless hostels, we are only taking care of women at this stage, our aim is to help individuals by offering complimentary hairdressing to be part of the journey to restore and improve their lives.

Hairdressing is a great way to directly help restore confidence and although a small and simple thing, it has a massive and direct impact on the persons’ image of themselves, improves confidence and helps self esteem.

We are open to hairstylist volunteers and assistant volunteers to help with this project. If you wish to help please email help@thehairfoundation.org If you can help in any other way (manufacturers), ie Donations of hair products, makeup, (all must be new i’m afraid) please also contact help@thehairfoundation.org Funds contribute towards the running of the project. You can also sponsor a haircut directly this cost is £20 this will cover the cost of one haircut for an individual.

You can also help by making a direct donation in any currency or amount (£1 or larger) click the donate button and paypal will process this for you. All help is welcome, any suggestions are encouraged. please email help@thehairfoundation.org For Press & PR interest and help email help@thehairfoundation.org

Thank you for taking the time to help. The Team at The H.A.I.R Foundation.